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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Single Girl, Don't Panic

Hey girl, don't panic!


ioyces said...

hehe..and my advice: try eHarmony! It really works!!!
My husband and I both can't be any happier! ;P
(BUT! remember to disable the auto renewal button- eHarmony's notorious for continuing to charge members after their memberships expire..)

Rebecca said...

I just found your site from an article on NPR. This one almost made me cry.

Unknown said...

Connie, I'm right there with you. Don't feel lonely, tho. He's out there.


cozette said...

hilarity. my best friend and i always say our soul mates are cell mates, serving life sentences; and that's why we might never meet them in this lifetime lol... eh... *shrug*

On to New Mistakes said...

Heartfelt! Like so many of your strips.

Early in college, I gave up on my longest crush ever because I realized this girl was just out of my league, that some amazing guy who was perfect for her was going to come along and sweep her off her feet. By the time we met again 15 years later, I had become that guy. We’re now on our 7th year of honeymoon and closer than ever. I’d say it was totally worth the wait, which it was, but it wasn’t just waiting. We were each working our tails off to become better people. Keep growing, don’t settle. (Crossposted from gocomics. Hope it helps!)