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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Failure Hurts

Eked this one out. Not funny yet, but hopefully, one day.


Elizabeth Baddeley said...

This is sweet. But you know, most people only succeed at dating one time in their lives...if that.

Michael said...

Counterpoint: You are not alone. Marriage age is creeping up, our society is aging as a whole, the Great Recession has stopped a lot of people I know from committing, the previous generation of free love led to a high rate of divorce and people are backlashing against that.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believed that too, being single for so long I began to wonder if God wanted me single for the rest of my life.

Then I decided to give this prayer an opportunity:

"Lord, Let your will be done…If you want me to meet someone, then let it be. If not, I accept that as well."

After years of being single, I can say that prayer was answered. My girlfriend came into my life and it was only thanks to God that it is so :)

Once you decide what's more important to you and pray for what you want, you'll get answer too :)

I'll pray for you and hope that you too will enjoy what I have and never take for granted what love is.

Go in peace.

A grateful man

M. Golious said...

Comics don't always have to have a joke! This one is actually one of my favorites. Your willingness to be vulnerable and honest is really brave! Thank you for sharing your journey :)

Anonymous said...

What about Samuel Beckett's quote:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Ibid said...

I have nothing to say that you haven't already heard. I totally understand and give you hugs.

Unknown said...

Be brave!!! Fail in a brave and spectacular manner!

Anonymous said...

"Every 'failure' is a piece of future luck. Because it brings you closer to being ready."

From "The Man in the Ceiling" by Jules Feiffer.