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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Single Girl Sushi

You should know I'm allergic to all seafood. So what I make cannot be called sushi in any sense.
I'm not joking around though.


Michael K1 said...

Haven't thought about oatmeal. Have used brown rice though. Have you tried the Korean version called Kimbop?

I've had amazing versions with spam, egg and vegetables. Also since meat and eggs are cooked, they last quite a while for leftovers.

David said...

Interesting combination. I recently saw a friend posted a picture of "Sushi Burrito" and thought somebody is getting innovative.

Amy said...

This is funny, adorable, and a very clever sushi idea. Lovely drawings, too.

Connie Sun said...

Thanks, you guys! Michael, yes I have - it's delish!