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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Low Level of Purgatory

I lol'd when it popped into my head.


Flourish Art Therapist said...

hear hear! it took therapy for me to get past that hump.

Anonymous said...

Demonstrate confidence and believe in yourself, leave the notion of you finding love behind as love finds YOU when you least expect it.

Crowbar of Comics said...

Sweety, there were guys talking to you at SPX just because they thought you were cute.

I'm not sure if that actually helps your cause, but it can sometimes be a pleasant eye opener.

By the way, I am glad I found your comics. They are way cool, and now I have something more to add to my daily read.

Crowbar of Comics said...

UM, actually, that last comment my have come off a little creeper-esque. It was meant to be a confidence booster, or a pep talk, or something of the like.

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