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Monday, April 08, 2013

Meerkats at MoCCA Fest

Attended MoCCA Fest for the first time this weekend and it felt like a big, warm group hug. For all my amazing friends, heroes, and the love that was passed 'round...

Thank you, one and all!


Robert Berry said...

Great running into yesterday, Connie, and I've bookmarked the site. Looking frorward to daily updates!
(the ULYSSES "SEEN" guy)

Pigs in Maputo said...

that's awesome!! i wonder whether i know who was the butt-toucher.

Christine said...

Yes ... now just move your hand a li-i-ittle further that-a-way ... >=)

I'm sorry, I'm just like, reading all your cartoons all at once. Maybe not the best idea.