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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Status Message a Day #76

(I ran out of time to refine this, but I'm trying to work fast and post what I have, even if it's not fully baked.)

Let's talk about race...

This is only a snippet of a larger conversation, but it's a good start. Jeff Chang ("Can't Stop Won't Stop") had this to say last week at an event hosted by the Asian American Writers' Workshop. Check them out! Twitter: @aaww)

The panel's them was "AFTER 1989: Why can't we all just get along?: Integration, Assimilation, and Fantasies of American Society" and also featured Kazembe Balagun, Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Hua Hsu, Hiram Parez, Jay Smooth, and Salamishah Tillet.

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