WELCOME! This blog is a personal project I started in August 2011 with the goal of drawing and posting an illustrated status message a day - I haven't stopped since. On weekday mornings, I get up, draw a cartoon, and post whatever I can manage to before going to work. I began cartooning to find my voice. Still searching, but I've learned that the attempt is everything. What's your status message today?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Gifting Rituals of Autumn

Argh! I neglected to replace my broken scanner and it is biting me in the butt this week.

I'll have to properly scan and repost this cartoon later, but here's a peek. It's the best I could manage today, from a photograph of the line work.

A bit late for Mid-Autumn Festival, but moon cakes last forever.


Iris Yan said...

Don't forget the wedding cakes, which are basically a super-sized moon cake.

JJL said...

A good tradition gone bad. Sad but pretty much true.